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Mompreneur Membership

A space for Mom Entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their vision board life and are tired of learning from people who don't understand what they are juggling every day!



This is a space for moms in business to thrive.

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How would you like to have a group of mom entrepreneurs who understand the daily mom life and business juggle? A group of mom entrepreneurs are not just in it, but thriving.



The Aligned Mompreneur Membership was created because entrepreneurship is lonely and challenging as is. Mentorship is a game changer as business owner and after having my second child, I was having a hard time finding a space for moms in the online coaching community. As moms, we face certain challenges that on a daily basis, that others don't. This Membership is a safe space for women who want to let their guard down and speak from their heart, be real and raw about sometimes wanting to throw in the towel and burn it all down and be seen, heard, and held (because what we really need is a bath and our kids to just go to sleep already).

This Membership is for Mom Entrepreneurs who are conscious parenting, healing generational patterns, breaking out of the hustle mentality and are committed to creating an online business that makes a ton of money and impact without sacrificing your home life. We are here to rock both the Mom CEO Vibes and the Present at Home Mom Vibes!


Ready to step into alignment with the vision board life on your wall? The invitation is open!

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The fact is: We are stronger together.


We are moms.

We are women.

We are business owners.

We're fighting against the narrative that we can’t have it all. That we can’t be a mom and be a successful business owner. The notion that our dreams are too big or that in order to have a successful career you won't be a good mom.




We get to align with the life and business that we dream of for ourselves and our families. How are we going to do that? 




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Herr's The Details:

The Aligned Mompreneur Membership is an ongoing membership helping you align with the life that's on your vision board as a mom and a business woman. After three months you will have the option to continue month to month or to end your access. *3-month commitment required* 


What Is Included:
- 1 Monthly Training Call (topics vary between business coaching and life coaching. hosted by Sarina, a member of the mastermind, or an outside guest speaker)

- 1 Monthly Q+A Call
- Access to private group

​​- A group of badass moms and business owners growing along
side you, cheering you on, opening your eyes to ways of doing things you hadn't thought of and paving the way forward for you!

Ready to surround yourself with other mom entrepreneurs?

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 I am a certified Life and Success Coach, Nutritional Science, and Training Methodology Specialist, Online Certified Fitness Coach, Register 200HR Hot Yoga, and Kids Yoga Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, TIME Techniques, and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Inherited Family Trauma facilitator, wife and mom of two boys!


Here’s how I got here: I grew up in a family with generational cycles of addiction, my father passed away when I was young and I was mad at the world for it. I had my firstborn at 18 and became a single mom. But eventually ended up in a corporate career that allowed me to see the world differently.


I started college and continued to climb the corporate ladder, only to realize that once I graduated I would have to quit my job to use my degree in Business and take a huge pay cut to start over in a different career. I couldn’t afford to do that and keep my one-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area. It was then that the idea to start my own business was planted in my mind. Shortly after, I dropped out of college and decided to follow my dream.


That business became a successful online business that has provided me the literal life on my vision board time and time again (I have since started a second business as well)! Because of my own life journey, I am passionate about helping you create the life pinned on your vision board. No matter your circumstances or story, the life that you dream of is available to you.