Mompreneur Mastermind 

Start Date: Enrollment closed until August 

An intimate space for Mom Entrepreneur's to build relationships with others who understand you, to grow in life and business, learn and network,

    A group experience, many minds together to create expansion. A space where everyone is
    working on similar things and desire similar outcomes. There is a level of alignment between
    everyone in the space because they are all growing together and can relate to each other. 


    You desire to be in a group dynamic, you want to be around other powerful individuals striving for similar goals and experiencing similar challenges, others who you can relate to.


    When you are in a mastermind you get to be coached and see others be coached, which allows you to grow in ways you can’t when you are being coached alone because you are provided an opportunity to more quickly see what you like and don't like by listening to others, to what works and what does not work based on what they are experiencing and sharing without having to go through it yourself (saving you from having to learn the same lessons).


What is a Mastermind?

Tell me

How would you like to have an intimate community of mom entrepreneurs who get you? Who knows what it's like to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship. Who you can build relationships with and learn from?


The Aligned Mompreneur Mastermind was created because entrepreneurship is lonely, challenging, and as moms, we face certain challenges that when you are alone can make you sometimes want to throw in the towel and have you question everything. This Mastermind is for women who want to be able to let their guard down and speak from their hearts, real and raw, knowing that you are seen, heard, and held.

This mastermind is an intimate circle of mompreneurs who are genuine, conscious driven, and committed to breaking cycles that no longer serve them. We are a group of moms committed to moving from a place of consciousness, overflow and alignment. 


Ready to step into this opportunity? The invitation is open!

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The fact is: We are stronger together.


We are moms.

We are women.

We are business owners.

We're fighting against the belief that we can’t have it all. That we can’t be a mom and be a successful business owner. The notion that our dreams are too big or that in order to have a successful career you won't be a good mom.




We get to align with the life and business that we dream of for ourselves and our families and we are doing it together!

Herr's The Details:

The Aligned Mompreneur Mastermind is an ongoing mastermind helping you align with the life that's on your vision board as a mom and businesswoman. After four months you will have the option to renew or to end your access. *Four-month commitment required* 


What Is Included:
- A Monthly 90-min Mastermind Call
- Monthly training call on topics related to business, motherhood, mindset and self care (hosted by Sarina, a member of the mastermind, or an outside guest speaker)
- Access to private mastermind exclude group
- Access to All of Sarina’s Courses:


Mindset Reset: To correct the mindset blocks that are holding you back in life and business. 

Limitless Business Accelerator: To learn everything you need to start your online business. 

Become the CEO of Your Life: My manifestation course to help you unlock new levels of your mindset so you can create the life you desire.  


​​- A intimate group of badass moms and business owners growing along
side you, cheering you on and paving the way forward toward
with you, available to answer questions as you need

Ready to surround yourself with other mom entrepreneurs who are blazing a trail and reaching for the stars? 

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 I am a certified Life and Success Coach, Nutritional Science, and Training Methodology Specialist, Online Certified Fitness Coach, Register 200HR Hot Yoga, and Kids Yoga Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, TIME Techniques, and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Inherited Family Trauma facilitator, wife and mom of two boys!


Here’s how I got here: I grew up in a family with generational cycles of addiction, my father passed away when I was young and I was mad at the world for it. I had my firstborn at 18 and became a single mom. But eventually ended up in a corporate career that allowed me to see the world differently.


I started college and continued to climb the corporate ladder, only to realize that once I graduated I would have to quit my job to use my degree in Business and take a huge pay cut to start over in a different career. I couldn’t afford to do that and keep my one-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area. It was then that the idea to start my own business was planted in my mind. Shortly after, I dropped out of college and decided to follow my dream.


That business continued to evolve and grow into a successful online business that has provided me a life I am madly in love
with where I get to present in my children's lives, travel and truly live the life on my vision board. Because of my own life journey, I am passionate about helping you create the life pinned on your vision board. No matter your circumstances or story, the life that you dream of is available to you.



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The Aligned Mompreneur Mastermind

Pricing will go up after May 2nd to $247/month, if you sign up before then you will be grandfathered into your pricing until you cancel (after your initial 4 months, your rate will remain the same if you continue to be apart of the mastermind). Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of the founding members! 

Exclusive Mastermind Access with one on one Whatsapp Coaching. Pricing will go up after May 2nd to $697/month. Do not miss this opportunity to work together with Sarina 1:1 

Spaces are limited. Next opportunity to join will be September 2022. Last day to join in May 2nd.