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 Self Paced Courses 

Choose Your Journey!

The Aligned Body Ebook


The Aligned Body ebook was designed to support you in your health and fitness which is the foundation of working on and achieving goals in any other area of your life. The workouts were created to build lean muscle, increase your energy and burn fat while also improving your internal health, through weight training AND yoga. Learn how to lose weight, with zero restrictions, and keep it off for good. Designed to help you lose 10-15lbs in 2-3 months or lean out and optimize your health and fitness.


  • 8 Week home OR gym-based workout plan

  • Nutrition plan (free of food restrictions, learn how to eat all foods in moderation, and still lose weight!)  

  • Grocery List 

  • Supplement Suggestions 

  • Everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off FOR GOOD

  • Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescatarian Friendly

  • Plan designed so that when you complete it, you can repeat for another 8 weeks if you want to continue losing weight

Conscious Communication Mastery


The Conscious Communication Mastery Course will guide you through the inner-work so that you can learn what it takes to cultivate a Conscious Relationship with yourself and others in every area of your life and business.


  • How to get in touch with and heal your inner child (because healthy conscious communication and relationships starts with looking within)

  • Non-violent communication (how to communicate with compassion with yourself and others to create and cultivate healthy lasting relationships) 

  • Love languages (so we can really understand how to speak each other love language and undeniably change the connection we have with others in our life. This includes our own love language, our romantic partner, as well as our children, family members, clients and people in general) 

  • NLP presuppositions  (a set of tools and techniques that help us to work in our brain to change the way our brain works in order to change the way we feel, communicate, and that has an impact on our behavior. These presuppositions are useful in relating to other people and help us change and improve our communication with other people)

  • Ego states (this provides a way of understanding our personality; how we think, feel and behave in our relationships and in our life)

  • Codependency (how to identify codependent patterns and how to overcome them)

  • Counter-Dependency (how to identify counter-dependent patterns and how to overcome them) 

  • How to Consciously Manifest & Co-create Your Dream Relationship

  • How to heal and uncuff yourself from current & past relationships  

  • Lifetime Access.

Limitless Business Accelerator


LBA is the only coaching program teaching you how to launch and run your online coaching business as Woman, from your power and even with (especially with) kids! 


  • Module 1: Vibrational Alignment

    • Understanding your mindset as it relates to business. Learning how to step into and stay in alignment vibrationally as you create your business, understanding universal laws that allow you to work with the universe in order to create what is meant for you to create in this world to change lives.

  • Module 2:  Niching in Alignment 

    • Finding your motivational pattern up until this point in your life in order to uncover and nail down who you are motivated to work with.

  • Module 3: Program Design

    • Putting your passion into action and creating a coaching program that will outline exactly how you take your dream clients from where they are now, to where they want to be. 

  • Module 4: Mindset Mastery

    • Understanding how to step into alignment and create your own reality and stepping further into alignment with the business you desire. Working with the law of polarity, reframing, and getting out of your comfort zone to take continuous aligned action.

  • Module 5: Delivery

    • Organizing your business, protecting your business legally, how to execute sales calls and conversations, how to send out contracts, manage clients and price your services.

  • Module 6: Branding and Relationship Building

    • ​Social media marketing strategy, learning how to build your business with both strategy and soul and build consciously lasting relationships with clients

Mindset Reset


Take a journey through your subconscious mind to identify the root cause of negative emotions, anxious thoughts, and limiting beliefs from your childhood and life experiences that are holding you back from the success your heart desires!


  • Throughout this course I will guide you through a technique called: T.I.M.E Techniques. 

  • This stands for Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment. It is a set of techniques born out of the field of NLP that allow you to: 

    • Eliminate specific problems rooted in the past or future

    • Release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and others

    • Program your future for success

    • Undo limiting decisions which are the root cause of limiting beliefs and other problems in your life 

  • This process will allow you to release things from the past without having to consciously remember them because we will be combining the conscious and subconscious mind to create a powerful shift for you! 

If you are ready to create your dream life, free yourself from the past or understand and release persistent anxious thoughts, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that you know are holding you back in your life. This is your chance! 

Become the CEO of Your Life



This is the course for you if you are ready to get unstuck and take control of your life! YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE, this course was designed to teach you exactly how to stand in your ultimate power.          

You will learn: 

  • The history of Manifestation and how to use it in your life! (HINT: it involves understanding how to master your mindset)

  • How we construct reality (going deep within your mindset and limiting beliefs in your current reality and tearing down any walls holding you back)

  • The law of creation and polarity (which is essential to understand in order to get unstuck in your life and solve any challenges you face with ease!)

  • How to tap into abundance and flow (because ITS TIME and YOU DESERVE IT!)

This course is designed to reprogram your beliefs from the inside out, while also speaking to your logical conscious mind and providing you the knowledge on manifestation that you need!