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Through the process of my program, you’ll be going further than any other fitness, life, or relationship coaching program has gone before. We will work together to identify limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging mindset blocks are holding you back from unlocking an extraordinary life and achieving your life, fitness and relationship goals. Using a comprehensive tool belt of modalities we’ll help you to speak directly to your subconscious mind (which controls your emotions and eating habits and therefor 95% of your life) and create permanent lasting change… letting go of negative emotions and getting rid of habits, thoughts, and behaviors that no longer serve you.

You will be freed from restricting food groups, negative communication patterns, and learn how to have a healthy relationship with food and yourself once and for all. You will not just learn how to lose weight, but how to radically accept yourself, remove blocks that sabotage your ability to find or keep love and cultivate your inner fire and reclaim ownership over your body, sexuality, and your life. You will learn how to communicate powerfully, set boundaries without alienating partners or friends, and stop attracting partners who take advantage of you, are dishonest or abusive. You will learn how to command respect and devotion from romantic partners, develop a healthy self-esteem, and heal from any past painful breakups. 

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Through education, integration, coaching, community, accountability, and proven methods, you will have lifetime access to all comprehensive curriculum (not taught anywhere else). A new lesson released each week. You will learn how to integrate the lessons (because information alone does not create transformation) and have access to weekly coaching calls with Sarina (the founder of the program). During these calls, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive direct feedback, and gain clear solutions for how to navigate challenges in your life. 

It is most important when pursuing a transformative experience that you are not alone. You will have access to an exclusive Facebook community where you will be connected with other students, cultivate deep friendships, and support each other every step of the way. Gone are the days of wondering if what you are doing is right and asking "what if this doesn't work?" The Alignment Blueprint has worked for tons of individuals just like you. Simply show up, follow the step by step methods in the work and watch your transformation unfold. Accountability is key and you will have an accountability coach (Sarina) who will track your progress throughout the program and support your transformation with regular check-ins!. 



The Lifestyle Audit - in this phase we will uncover the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in your life. You will learn how to rewire your brain and detach from these limiting beliefs for GOOD so that you can take control of your life and stop letting past experiences, comments, or opinions dictate who you are. We will focus on auditing each pillar of your life to see what areas need to be prioritized and focused on specifically. You will also start a workout and nutrition plan designed to prioritize your health needs and fitness goals. 







LIFE MAPPING - in this phase you will have finally recognized how capable you are of achieving your goals and we will focus on guiding you through a process of creating a vision for your life. We will uncover what character traits and beliefs you need to embody in order to make these goals come to life. 



Creating A Consistent Upward Spiral - In this phase we will focus on creating a consistent upward spiral for your mindset to stay in by ensuring you have a set system in place to break free from self doubt + limiting beliefs when they arise and stay in the strong empowered mindset you have tapped into. 



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Have the motivation + systems you need to make lasting, sustainable changes that begin to feel like second nature and bridge the gap between where you are now and who you’re meant to become?


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Develop your own health protocol and self-care practices that are unique to your lifestyle, allowing you to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle and focus on taking aligned action in other areas of your life because you feel confident in your body! I have witnessed so many of my clients radically shift their life (and transform their body) using The Alignment Blueprint™ and I am so excited to deep dive into each of the 3 phases with you over the 12 weeks of the program.